Album of The Week: Authority Zero’s “Andiamo”

Andiamo CD Cover

Andiamo CD Cover-

One of my favorite things is when you’re in a car with someone and they throw in a CD you haven’t heard before.

It’s especially great if it’s an album that absolutely kicks ass. A few weeks ago my girlfriend started playing an album that just happened to be the surf-punk kicker I was looking for.

Authority Zero’s album “Andiamo”, released in 2004, unleashes the beautiful sounds of punk and surf rock with a strong anti-war sentiment behind it.

Why I like it

Well, being that the album hits with a beautiful mix of surf, punk and fuck the man, it provides some great inspiration for me as a punk-reggae bass player. Jason Devore’s raw and emotional vocals hit your ears with great force, and the power behind them really begs a closer look at the meaningful lyrics.

The guitar and bass absolutely shred together. Bill Marcks and Jeremy Wood laid down some of the coolest riffs I have ever heard, and it really solidifies a unique and consistent flow for the album. They take Jim Wilcox’s driving drum beats and hook them up with that staple surf-punk vibe that I feel when listening.

Fun Facts

  • My girlfriend won a “best street team member” contest just before the release of this album and her prize was a phone call from guitarist Bill. Being the die-hard high school fan that she was, she said she got to have a really awesome conversation about the upcoming new album with him and share in the excitement of the release and their hangups with the war going on. Talk about an awesome prize and a cool band, what an excellent way to connect with a fan!
  • Somehow I managed to be in the dark on this amazing album until recently. I’m so glad that a light was shined over it so that I could experience and learn from it. We’re gearing up to record our second album right now, and it is such a great inspiration to listen to albums like this. The ideas are definitely brewing!
  • The album title, “Andiamo”, is Italian for “we go”, or “let’s go”. Some also split it up so that it reads “And I Am 0”.
  • Since 2004 the band members have changed and a lot has happened, but the beautiful thing is that this album reveals a snapshot of them at the time. That’s what’s so cool about an album. I recently came into touch with Bill Marcks (aka GringoBill) who now works at KUKQ ska-punk radio. He had the opportunity to listen to our first album, and it meant a lot to us to hear the great things he had to say about it. Especially when he’s one of the guitarists we look to for inspiration!
  • I have seen the band live about four or five times in the last year or so, and it just kicks so much ass to see that they still grind it out. These are guys who have been through just about everything a band can be through, and they stick with it and provide awesome experiences for their fans no matter what.

Make sure you give a listen and download to “Andiamo” and all of Authority Zero’s other great stuff, and also tune in to GringoBill’s show “SkaPunk Passport” on Monday nights at 9PM PST. GringoBill is the former guitarist of Authority Zero.


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