California Roots Festival Featured Artist: Katastro


Katastro is awesome.

They are one of the bands we are most stoked to rock with at the 2014 California Root Festival.

It could be Andy Chaves’ beautiful vocal flow on the mic… it could be Ryan Weddle’s heavy rhythmic bass lines… it could be Andrew Stravers’ heartbeat like pulse on the drums or Tanner Riccio’s melodic guitar riffs…

But what Katastro really is, is four friends from Arizona that can bring a crowd to the sky and back.

First Time Hearing Them

It’s tough to remember. It wasn’t until pretty recently that they really stuck in our heads after seeing them play a show in Pacific Beach San Diego. Our buddy “Coconut Pete” knows good music, so when he vouched for how much he enjoyed Katastro it wasn’t a tough sell for the rest of us. The show was a reggae lineup, and when their funky, soulful hip-hop vibes hit the air, they painted a clear and beautiful musical masterpiece that fit perfectly on the reggae canvas.

Catching up with Katastro at Through The Roots’ Annual Thanksgiving Eve Party

When we went out to support Katastro, Hirie and Through the Roots at their annual Thanksgiving show, the guys were super appreciative of us buying a couple CD’s and letting them know how much San Diego loves them.

It was great getting to hang with them. We talked about how sweet Cali Roots was going to be and good tour spots on the way up. Being the generous dudes they are, they bought a couple drinks for us, thanked again for the support and were in the van on their way back to AZ.

You don’t need to be reggae to give great vibes

Katastro definitely isn’t reggae, and we love that. It certainly doesn’t stop them from fitting in perfectly with the reggae culture.

These guys are great musicians who send good vibes. There’s no need to categorize their sound. They sound great, and that’s good enough for us! We look forward to rocking Cali Roots this year with them, and hope to rock San Diego and Arizona with them before that.

Rock on Katastro!

-The StirCrazies

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