California Roots Festival: Meeting Stick Figure

Stick Figure

Stick Figure

First of all, it is hard to describe how awesome the feeling of seeing our name next to all of these amazing artists on the California Roots Festival lineup is. We are truly humbled and blessed to be sharing the stage with every single artist on there.

To express our appreciation and thanks for this opportunity, we will be sharing a story each Friday about one of the other bands on the lineup, and our experiences with them. Our first post will highlight a phenomenally talented artist who I brushed paths with years before moving to California… you may now know him as Stick Figure.

Meeting Scott In College

I actually met Scott Woodruff, creator of “Stick Figure”, back when I was going to college on the east coast. I was visiting a couple of my good friends up at Champlain College in Burlington, VT, and they happened to be friends with Scott.

We all partied up there, and it was funny because I knew Scott was really into making music, but being such a humble person he never boasted about his project or anything. I’m sure he mentioned it in passing, but that would be the last I heard of Stick Figure until I moved to California.

Stick Figure In California

After becoming engulfed in the reggae-rock scene here in California when I moved here from New Hampshire, I was at a show at 710 Beach Club in San Diego when someone came up to me and said,

“Hey man, I know you from somewhere.” I replied,

“Yeah, you’re Scott from Stick Figure, I love your music!”

“Yeah, but I knew you before that… did you go to Champlain College or something?”

At this point it all clicked for me. I realized that “Stick Figure”, one of the most popular and quickly rising acts in the reggae-rock scene, was the same person I had met partying in college back on the east coast. I was pretty shocked by this, and just really stoked to see someone I knew from back east making it happen on the west coast here.

Ever since that meeting, the whole band Scott put together has been a pleasure to meet. These guys are some of the nicest and most down-to-earth people I know. Tommy Sullivan rocking bass, KBong on keys and Kevin on drums… you guys all straight up rock.

Stick Figure’s Rising

Stick Figure’s story is a truly amazing one, and Scott’s reputation really precedes him. It all started with just one man, Scott Woodruff, having an unrivaled passion for songwriting and making music.

All by himself Scott wrote, played and recorded every single instrument on 4 full-length albums. He gained a passionate and unique grassroots following as word of his fascinating story spread. Like the decision I made years ago, Scott moved to California to further pursue his musical dream here.

Since putting together a full band, the otherworldly talent seen in Stick Figure (both live and in studio) is truly a spectacle. I really commend Scott on starting such a powerful musical movement and following his dreams.

It is always a pleasure hanging with these guys and seeing them play their beautiful music. We absolutely couldn’t be more excited to bring our vibes to California Roots with them. Stick Figure, we love you guys, thanks for being a part of it all!

Much Love,

BrendanBass and The StirCrazies

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