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The StirCrazies on 91X Radio

Who loves to support local? Local food, local beer, local music. This past week I had the chance to hang with a guy who really does local bands well, and it totally kicks ass to see. Hosting award-winning show “Loudspeaker” on 91X San Diego, Michael Halloran has built a big …

Fighting Cancer with Music: Relay For Life Pacific Beach

Music can’t directly fight cancer… can it? We played a set at the Relay for Life Pacific Beach event yesterday. It was hosted by the American Cancer Society. Being up on that stage was absolutely awesome; people were dancing, laughing and celebrating life, all while supporting a great cause. Cancer …

The StirCrazies Live on the Radio!

What’s better than playing five encores at a show, partying all night and waking up early the next morning to do a radio interview? Nothing.   Toward the end of April the band got to road trip up to Norcal to play at Mammoth Mountain. We played a local bar …

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