Indubious: The Message of the Music

This past Saturday in San Diego, CA I went to support two awesome up and coming bands on the reggae-rock scene:

Indubious and Ease Up.

Ease Up…

has long been a Socal favorite, and have stretched their legs on many tours up and down the west coast. I have been friends with the guys for a few years now, and it has been awesome watching them grow and develop their sound.

My favorite part is that every song they write is the catchiest song in the world. I mean, seriously, try listening to their “On the Fly” EP and not getting every single track stuck in your head. The guys are seriously great musicians who keep moving up, and even got a spot playing the Warped Tour this past summer!


The three awesome dudes who make up “Indubious” are relatively newer friends of mine, and I’m so happy I got to meet them. We played a show with them last year at the same venue (710 Beach Club), and I was absolutely blown away by their sound.

How would I describe their music to you in words? Since I’m a writer, and that’s my job, I’d have to say that they’re a…

“Socially conscious intergalactic space age reggae rock funk machine”.

Yeah, that sounds about right. I could talk about their music for hours, but save yourself the time and just go listen. A wise man once told me that “writing about music is like whistling about chicken”, meaning that it’s meaningless describing it to people unless they were there.

Instead, I’ll focus on why these guys really stick out to me; because of their message. It’s so refreshing to see a band with a message that could really do some good for the world.

Obviously, the message of most reggae or reggae-rock bands dwells on positive vibes and doing good for the world. But these guys actually live it. You can tell that they really actually try to embody being kind and generous to others, and won’t let you leave a show without feeling like you have a responsibility to go do the same.

Being one who leans toward Buddhism myself, Indubious practices a lot of good vibes both on and off the stage. It truly makes me happy to see them growing a larger and larger following and reaching their fans at really meaningful levels of life.

With Skip’s Claypool-style bass playing, Evton’s otherworldly keyboards and Matthew T’s unbelievably tight drums, it’s only a matter of time before these guys break through and are headlining all your favorite festivals. Their new CD “Wake The Lion” is available through their website and on iTunes, or you can catch their music videos on Youtube!

Thanks for all the good vibes and jams Indubious, until next time… “Live Indubiously!”

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