Mike Pinto: Artist on the Brink

Mike Pinto has been kicking ass in the reggae-rock community for years now, but seeing his show last night at the Belly Up Tavern seemed to change everything.

Have you ever experienced a band that was on the brink? I’m talking about a band that was just about to blow up, sell millions of CD’s and be heard round’ the world? Well last night felt like the start of this for Mike Pinto.
His new album “Truthful Lies” was released this week, and he already hit #1 on the Itunes reggae charts. The album is freakin’ awesome, and the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, CA was packed from wall-to-wall last night. Natty Vibes started the night out and got the crowd good and riled before Mike came up to shred.

It was like the whole room got bigger when he hit the stage. Call me a hippie, but there was a total shift in energy. It had the vibe of something big, like in a year he’ll be playing amphitheaters or something. Either way, it’s just a great feeling being able to see your all of your friends’ hard work really pay off, and I can’t wait to rock the stage with these guys! Big ups Mike, Natty Vibes and fam!

Get to know these guys here!

Much love!



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