Seedless and The VeraGroove Live @ The Griffin

How am I supposed to sleep on a Sunday night when Seedless and The VeraGroove are playing down the street?!

These guys both kick ass. The VeraGroove take funk and reggae and blend it into the catchiest song you have ever heard, then Seedless comes on like a punch in the face with a sick metal intro. My neck literally still hurts from headbanging.

There was a fun crowd at The Griffin, but it will seem small compared to the 10,000 people they will rock at California Roots Fest next weekend. The reggae festival is now sold out, and these guys are touring the whole California coast this week to get up there.

It’s always awesome hanging out with both bands… they’re just genuinely nice people that kick ass and love music. I am so stoked to watch them play and hang with them all weekend at Cali Roots, such a good time!

We play The Griffin next Wednesday on a post Cali Roots tour with Wait For Green. This will be a nice cool down/warm up for summer touring! Big ups with some punk and reggae for ya!


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