Southern California Reggae Rock Show Update: Reeform

What is Reeform? More accurately, WHO is Reeform? Reeform is a reggae rock band out of San Diego, CA. Only two years together as a project and they have made some big waves, both in and out of Socal. I have been playing shows with these guys for a while, and it is amazing growing alongside them in the Southern California music community.


                            reeform ep cover

Typhoon Saloon (Pacific Beach,CA) was where they held their first EP release party last Friday, and it was packed… people were going nuts! The Veragroove and Thrive! riled up the crowd as the openers, and by the time Reeform hit the stage the party was raging.

Celebrating new music is just so beautiful and fun. Family, friends, fans and a collective vibe of awesome is what it comes down to. Their EP is an excellent showcase of the band’s talent, and is a great listen. It’s only 3.96 on iTunes, less than the price of a beer! Also make sure to catch these guys live when they play your town, you won’t be disappointed!


-B-Robb 😉


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