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Who loves to support local? Local food, local beer, local music. This past week I had the chance to hang with a guy who really does local bands well, and it totally kicks ass to see.

Michael Halloran, DJ at 91X

Michael Halloran, DJ at 91X

Hosting award-winning show “Loudspeaker” on 91X San Diego, Michael Halloran has built a big name for himself. Every Sunday night from 7-9PM he blasts all sorts of local awesomeness out into the stratosphere from his spot in the control room, and it is awesome to see that sort of support for local bands!

Not only this, but Halloran hosts a show every Tuesday at San Diego venue “The Griffin” called “Loudspeaker Live”.  Three or four bands come out to play, and it’s a great environment where people can enjoy music and network with new friends and fans.

Halloran dug the punk-reggae vibes of our CD “Rise Against”, and played a couple of songs last week on his Loudspeaker show. 91X has always served as one of our favorite radio stations, and we are stoked at the opportunity to be heard here!

Request The StirCrazies on 91X!

Tweet @91X and @radiohalloran requesting @thestircrazies

7-9PM every Sunday!

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